Disclosure as per U.P. Ordinance No. fo of 2018  Chapter II Section 7 (1)

(d) Details of facilities including hostel, sports, co-curricular activities and extra-curricular activities;

1. School Infrastructure:

The Schools infrastructure comprise of a 100 year old Senior School historic Building, a 60 year old Primary School Building,  and a couple of newer buildings along with necessary furniture and equipment aggregating over 7.5 crores of rupees all of which requires maintenance worth Rs. 45 lacs which is just 6% of the written down value.

Expenditure on building etc. repair and maintenance,  it’s essential and priority and  not  glamorous.

The details of the constructed area are as follows:

Details of Area:

Primary School Building (2 floor building)                 12,298 Sft.

Primary School building                                              14,312 Sft.

Primary School ‘D’ Section                                            6,022 Sft.

Senior School Building (2 story building)                   27,634 Sft.

Area of Playfields/Ground                                         1,50,560 Sft.

Area of Garden/Lawns                                                  57,180 Sft.

Area of Car Park                                                            31,800 Sft.

Total Area                                                                 3,80,773.2 Sft.

a)Laboratories, Library, Music Class room, Auditorium etc.

  1. Biology Lab: Total area 158.76 sqm

  2. Physics Lab: Total area 158.76 sqm

  3. Chemistry Lab: Total area 158.76 sqm

  4. Senior Computer Lab: Total area 208.26 sqm

  5. Middle School Computer Lab: Total area 58.17 sqm

  6. Primary School Computer Lab: Total area 160 sqm

  7. Art Room: Total area 70.61 sqm

  8. Physical Education Room: Total area 33.44 sqm

  9. Audio Visual Hall: Total area 177 sqm

  10. Senior Library: Total area 216.93 sqm

  11. Junior Library: Total area 72.43 sqm

  12. Music Room: Total area 210 sqm

  13. Auditorium including green room and stage: Total area 1255.8 sqm

  14. Conference Hall: Total area 206 sqm

b)Campus Boundary Wall (Approx.) 1 K.M. Rft.

c) Total Area of the School Campus: 4.820 Acres i.e. 19505.85 sq.mts.

2. School Security Camera & Video Surveillance Systems

Although the School has no pressing security threat, yet we have installed over hundred Security Cameras in the School Campus over a period of last 4 years. Now, due to several untoward incidents witnessed in the schools in India, safeguarding the students and staff is a primary concern for schools today and therefore school security cameras are crucial need for identifying and resolving issues as they arise.

In view of this, the school has decided to add more CCTV cameras and re-configure the old CCTV set-up, for which we are replacing 70 CCTV cameras.

3. Teaching Aids:

Teaching in Methodist High School is traditional in classroom. Besides text books, teachers’ guides, libraries the school has provided number of tools to help the teacher such as chalk boards, whiteboards, overhead projectors etc.

Keeping pace with globalization and international standards, MHS introduced digital platform for imparting education to all its learners right from class I to XII.  This could be possible by embracing the incorporation of multimedia content (M/s. Teach Next Education Pvt. Ltd. Company, Hyderabad) as well as access to internet resources to ensure inclusive education. This will definitely build a nation of creators who will drive the growth of digital skill India program as envisioned by our Governments.

Though it costs money for these expensive aids, for Teach Next program alone we have to spend Rs. 35 lacs without charging any fee from the parents.

4. Facilities available in the School:

  1. Separate play field for Primary and Senior Students

  2. Basketball courts (3)

  3. Skating ground

  4. Dance & Music facilities (Separate hall )

  5. Auditorium for 1500 seating capacity

  6. Medical & health dispensary

  7. Canteen

  8. Tea & refreshment (free) for Teachers and office staff

5. Physical Infrastructure (Academic):

  1. Number of class rooms:        55

  2. Number of Smart Classes:    45

  3. Number of Library:                02

       Number of books

       Junior School Library:

  1. For Students                    4300 books

  2. For Teachers                   2000 books

       Senior School Library:

  1. For Students                    9724 books

  2. For Teachers                   5584 books

      4. Details of Science Laboratories in the School:

       a)Physics Lab

       b)Chemistry Lab

       c) Biology Lab

   5. Details of Computer Labs with No. of Computers

        a) Primary Section Lab:                                  45  Computers

        b) Classes VI to VIII Computer Lab:              40 Computers

        c) Class IX-XII Computer Lab:                        43 Computers

       d) For Teachers use:                                         12 Computers

             Total No. of Computers:                             140     

       e) Internet facilities:

            B. S. N. L. FTTH-BBUL-                  Annual PlanSpeed 50MBPS

6. Toilet facilities

       a) Boys Toilets                     No.  16

       b) Girls Toilets                     No.  14

       c) Female staff toilets         No.  07

       d) staff toilets                      No.  06

6. Sports  Activities:

  1. ICSE/ISC: School Junior team reached semi-final and Khushi Tripathi selected for ASISC State.

  2. ICSE/ISC North Zone Football championship Junior team reached semi-finals, two players Amanapur Rehman and Karan Mehrotra selected to represent Uttar Pradesh in ASISC Nationals.

  3. Organized Inter House boys girls Basket Ball, football, Cricket – sub junior/junior/senior

  4. Organized Inter school basketball girls in memory Basketball Coarch late Shri Vijayan  (Vijayan Memorial Tournament)

  5. Organized Methodist Sports League for the students of class 3 to 8th oof the various schools of Kanpur in which 1200 players participated free of cost.

  6. School has best Sports infrastructure: 5 Basketball courts, full size Football and Cricket field, Tennis Court, separate Skating Rink and bathroom and toilets.